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Traditional load-testing tools create performance test scripts for your websites and web apps by recording HTTP/S protocol traffic. This results in massive scripts that are hard to read, and running them requires correlation – capturing and storing dynamic values from the server to use in later requests. It’s a complex process, and a big part of what makes performance testing so time consuming. LoadNinja makes load testing simple and fast. Test your website and web apps on real browsers, in the cloud, without the need for dynamic correlation.

Record & Instantly Playback Load Tests
Cut script creation time from hours to minutes using our InstaPlay Recorder. No coding or correlation needed, even with complex transactions.

Test With Real Browsers, at Scale
Generate realistic load using tens of thousands of real browsers for data that accurately represents your end users. No more load emulators.

Analyze & Diagnose using Browser-based Metrics
Evaluate navigation timings and other data, sourced straight from real browsers in your load test. No more digging around for data.