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Secure Pro

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Be a good headline, not a bad one

API security is especially critical today with the plethora of connected devices and mobile apps in the marketplace. Examples of API security breaches abound, but are often avoidable when software teams address likely exploits earlier upstream.

With Secure Pro, you can ensure that your APIs handle:

  • SQL injection attacks,
  • invalid XML or incorrect JSON data,
  • inappropriate methods and headers

Protect your services and consumers against the most common security vulnerabilities by using a complement of prebuilt tests and scans, all in time before code release so you know your production systems are as safe as possible.

Secure Pro is the easiest way to make sure that your API is free of common exploits before shipping it. Pre-built security scans make it a matter of a few clicks to check new or existing code before it goes live. Without expertise, teams can quickly check for potential vulnerabilities without delaying delivery. Find parsing and improper handling problems early on in the same development cycle.