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TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for TestComplete Web,TestComplete Desktop, and TestComplete Mobile.

  • Use Python, VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script, and C#Script to create tests.
  • Integration with SoapUI NG and SoapUI available to automate tests that invoke APIs or other web services.
  • Balance the speed of application delivery and quality at an affordable cost using out of the box plugin for Jenkins.
  • Maintain test versioning through integrations with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.
  • To use either of the Web, Desktop, or Mobile modules, the TestCompletePlatform is a prerequisite.

A Single Tool for All Your Testing Needs:

  • Test Recording
  • Selenium and SoapUI Integration
  • Name Mapping
  • Data-driven Testing
  • Object-driven Testing
  • Keyword-driven Testing
  • Test Visualizer
  • Python Scripting Support
  • Develop Custom Extensions
  • Database Testing
  • CI integrations